Rwanda Safaris

The nature resources of Rwanda make it a tourist destination with mountain gorilla as the leading and top attraction.
Rwanda is unfortunately remembered as the Land of the genocide, which dominated the world’s headlines in 1994.The general public, still remembers these atrocities and nothing not even time can heal them
The1994 genocide put Rwanda’s tourism industry at a stand still. With all the political instabilities, the country has healed and tourist arrivals are increasing annually for adventure safaris. The richness of Rwandan culture is apparent in the wide range of crafts and he deep rooted love of oral traditions such as proverbs, songs and chants. The people are known for their epics songs and dynastic poetry chronicling their origin.

Rwanda people have a variety of music and dance which range from acts that demonstrate epics communicating excellence and bravery, humorous lyrics.
The Hoe dance from the northern region of Rwanda is another fine example of traditional dance. Lucky visitors may have a chance to dance spontaneous traditional Intore performances in the village of Rwanda

Reason for visiting Rwanda?
-It’s a destination for Mountain Gorilla safaris in the Volcano and Virunga Mountains.
-It is comprised of a diversity African Culture.
-The country has nature endowment.
-Comfortable Weather and excellent year-round wildlife viewing
-Welcoming people
-Architecture and beauty of lodges and Hotel ranging from luxury to budget
-Beautiful scenery
-They city of Kigali is generally clean with access to the Airport .

Why book Rwanda safaris with Onyx?
Dedicated to conserving the country’s natural resources without any visit impact “take nothing but footsteps”.
Minimum group of visitors.
Special attention and care. We tailor our safaris basing on the requirements, price and the number of people traveling in a group.
Our safari guide are informed and educated about Rwanda’s tourism.
We aim at sustainable tourism development (STD).

Rwanda safaris

3 days gorilla tracking Rwanda
3 Days Wildlife safari Rwanda
5 Days Mountain gorilla tour