Uganda culture is an amazing Culture that one needs to come and explore while On Uganda Safari. A lot of Safari Tractions found in the African Shops. On Your Uganda Safari You will visit The African Shops and enjoy your shopping when buying clothes, shoes, Bracelets, and many others. Talk about the most popular culture wear in Uganda Culture, these includes, the shoes called Lugabire, and the back clothe. This wears are made by African people and from African materials for example rubber from tires, the backcloth which is made from a mutuba tree, this tree can be trekked and found in various places in Buganda, but the back cloth are made by a group of people called the Baganda, this back cloth is mainly used as cultural significant of Buganda kingdom, it is mainly used during the burial ceremony, during the royal crowning of the Kabaka of Buganda, in the Kasubi tombs (A masiiro in Luganda) found; they are made using local knives plus other materials, many tourists from different parts of the world enjoy these wears. this probably put on by everybody because it’s cheap, Lugabire is probably a type of footwear, unique only to Uganda and should be one of the things we celebrate. Ugandans put them on while they are at work for example in Owino market in Kampala. This type of wear can manage every kind of weather because the rubber is too had. Lugabire is luganda word which is easily understood by everybody.
The Lugabire has tougher skinned flops; it has won over many fans including children. They can be worn at the beach as you go sun drying. They look good on you at casual social events, they are generally meant for casual or weekend occasions where the dress code isn’t formal. A good pair will set you back by only Shs5, 000 or Shs7, 500 depending on the design. Those with multi-colour straps cost Shs10, 000. These I am told are for women but even men can place orders, these shoes last for a long time and they can easily be made back, if the pair is well handled, it takes more than two years. Come and exploit the goodness of these sandals as you come for a cultural tour

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